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About us

Why use High Caliber Weapons Detailing?

-Don't want to clean your firearms?     

-Don't have time to clean your guns?

-Don't know how to clean your gun?

We are here to help!

How will we help?

High Caliber Weapons Detailing will disassemble your firearms, clean them with a hot ultrasonic bath and then lubricate them using a proprietary lubricant designed to help your firearms operate for when you need them most. The best part?

We come to you! We are a mobile company that offers you convenience and fast service.

The People

Wondering where can I get my gun cleaned? High Caliber Weapons Detailing's professionals have extensive, practical and real world experience in Firearms maintenance. This allows us to give you the high caliber experience our customers want. So when you think, Where can I get my gun cleaning in Virginia. Call us!

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